Warm Pumpkin and Ricotta Flan with Brie cheese cream
Fried Toma cheese from our valleys with Fruit Mustard
Wild Boar Mortadella with Truffles and braised Lentils flavored with Rosemary
Smoked Salmon with Chives croutons and Sour cream
Sicilian Prawn Tartare with fresh Artichokes and Pecorino cheese cream


Fresh Vegetables Soup scented with Star Anise and crispy Bacon
Fresh Macaroni with Cherry Tomato sauce and Walnut powder
Montasio cheese and Polenta Ravioli with Red Chicory sauce and Poppy seeds
Orange scented Carnaroli Risotto with Mascarpone cheese and Artichokes
Fresh Egg Spaghetti with Cuttlefish cream and Vin Santo flavored Anchovies


Snails Bourguignonne style
Entrecote with Barbera Red Wine sauce
Stewed Veal Ossobuco
Pork Fillet in Aromatic Herbs crust
Venison Cutlet with Juniper and Grappa sauce


Lake Trout with Butter and Dill
Stewed Cod with Thyme Onions
Fillet of Perch with Butter and Sage
Baked Pikeperch with creamy Potatoes and stewed Cabbage
Sardines au gratin