Courgettes Flan with Stracciatella cheese and Pepper Emulsion
Fresh Tomato Mousse, Chickpea Hummus and crunchy Anchovies
Wild Beef Mocetta with stuffed Chilli
Smoked Salmon with Mascarpone cheese flavored with Chives and Carta Musica
Swordfish Tartare on Beetroot and Cucumber scented with Hibiscus


Fennel soup with Vegeables Brunoise and Lime
Saffron Carnaroli Risotto flavored with Sage and crunchy Bacon
Spelled and Rosemary no Egg Tagliatelle with Local Sausage and Meat reduction on Potato cream
Pasta with Green Peppers, Anchovy flavored with White Wine and Pistachio powder
Grouper Ravioli in Acqua Pazza with Pea cream


Piedmontese Fassona Tartare
Paprika marinated Pork Ribs
Beef Entrecote with Rocket, Grana Padano cheese flakes and Balsamic Vinegar cream
Stewed Veal Ossobuco
Veal Chop Milanese style


Sea Bass Fillet with Fennel and Taggiasca Olives
Fillet of Perch with Butter and Sage
Scallops au gratin with Basil and Lemon
Baked Pikeperch in a Poppy Seeds Crust
Lightly seared Soy marinated Tunafish Steak